PoS tags in the BYU interface

noun.ALL _n


all nouns

people, time, years, way, year

inserts wrong tag when chosen from menu (_nn instead of _n)

verb.ALL _v all verbs

is, was, ‘s, be, are, have, had, do, were, has, said

adj.ALL _j all adjectives

other, new, good, American, great, big, high, old

adv.ALL _r all adverbs

up, so, just, out, now, how, then, more, […] really

neg.ALL _xx negations

not, n’t, no, qwq, n (as in ‘dunno’)

art.ALL _at articles

the, a, an, no, every, -a, -the

det.ALL _d determiners

this, that, what, all, which, some, these

pron.ALL _p pronouns

I, it, you, he, they, we, she, who, me, him…

poss.ALL _app possessive pronouns

his, their, her, my, your, our, its, thy…

prep.ALL _i prepositions

of, in, to, for, with, on, at, from, by, about, as…

conj.ALL _c conjunctions

and, that, but, or, as, if, when, than, because, while, where, so…

noun.ALL+ _n all nouns including proper nouns
noun.SG _nn1 only singular nouns

way, world, life, man, school, state

noun.PL _nn2 only plural nouns

students, children, things, women, men, eyes, others

noun.CMN _nn0 doesn’t work!
noun.+PROP _np


only proper nouns

new, U.S., York, John, States, United, )

noun.-PROP _nn


nouns without proper nouns

people, time, years, way, year, world, day

verb.BASE _vv0 base forms (without endings) of lexical verbs

know, think, want, say, see, get, go, need

verb.INF _v?i infinitive forms of all verbs

be, have, do, get, make, see, go, know

verb.INF/LEX _vvi infinitive forms of lexical verbs

get, make, see, go, know, take, say, think

verb.MODAL _vm modals

would, can, will, could, may, should, ‘ll

verb.3SG _v?z 3rd person singular forms of all verbs

is, ‘s, has, says, does, makes, comes, seems, looks

verb.ED _v?d simple past forms of all verbs

was, had, were, said, did, came, got

verb.EN _v?n past participles of all verbs

been, made, done, got, called, seen, had

verb.ING _v?g gerund forms of all verbs

going, being, doing, trying, looking, having, making, getting

verb.LEX _vv only lexical verbs, all verb forms

said, know, think, get, says, going, see

verb.[BE] _vb all forms of ‘to be’

is, was, be, are, ‘s, were, been

verb.[DO] _vd all forms of ‘to do’

do, did, does, doing, done, ‘s, don

verb.[HAVE] _vh all forms of ‘to have’

have, had, has, ‘ve, ‘d, having, ‘s

adj.CMP _jjr comparative forms of adjectives

better, higher, older, greater, lower, larger

adj.SPRL _jjt superlative forms of adjectives

best, biggest, largest, latest, worst, greatest

adv.PRTCL _rp adverbs of place

up, out, back, down, on, in, off, over

adv.WH _rrq wh-adverbs

how, when, why, where, whenever

pron.INDF _pn1 indefinite pronouns

one, something, nothing, anything, everything

pron.PERS _pp personal pronouns

I, it, you, he, they, we, she, me, him

pron.WH _pnq interrogative pronouns

who, whom, whoever, matter, whomever, no

pron.REFL _ppx reflexive pronouns

himself, themselves, itself, myself, herself, each

num.CARD _mc cardinal numbers

one, two, three, 1, 2, four, 3

num.ORD _md ordinal numbers

first, last, next, second, third, fourth

conj.CRD _cc coordinating conjunctions

and, but, or, nor, &, and/or, &, plus

conj.SUB _cs subordinating conjunctions

that, as, if, when, than, because, while, where

interj _uh interjections

yes, yeah, no, oh, hey, hi, hello

PUNC _y punctuation marks

, . “ : ( ) ? ; !