word lists

In the BYU corpora, you can create your own word lists. There are two ways of achieving this:

(1) By navigating to the overview of your account, then clicking on “customized word lists” and “create new list”. You are then asked to enter a name for your list and the words it contains, one word per line.
(2) By executing a normal search in a corpus and setting the “Save Lists” icon in the “options” menu to “yes”. When the results of your search are displayed, you can then type in a name for the list. Don’t forget to tick the boxes of the words you would like to save.

You can simply add more words to a list by either typing them into the “modify” window or by executing another search and saving the results in an already existing list.

Call a list by typing @listName into the search window. This can be combined with any other type of search and the list itself can be executed as a lemma search by capitalising the name of the list.